The Value of Good Product Photography for Ecommerce Business

Can you imagine the value of good product photography for ecommerce business? Nowadays in eCommerce business sector, you can never ignore the value of good product photos. Without having catchy and attractive product photos none can be a big product seller via online. You can’t increase the brand reputation without having good looking product photos. To get catchy product photo you need to have the combined effort of a professional product photographer and expert photo editor.


You know that buyers or customers are not like memorizing what they read. But 90% of customers are memorizing what they see in a picture. So, pondering that how the value of good product photography for e-commerce business. The most popular, common and powerful words for good photos are that:

A Good Product Photo is Worth a Thousand Words and Thousand Sale

Today I will tell you some valuable points why good product photography is very important for e-commerce business and online retailers. If you want to be a big and successful online seller then you will need to keep in your mind the following points.

 Hire Professional Product Photographer

At the beginning of this article, I have told you that photographer and retoucher are the 2 people to make your product photos usable and customer choose able. So, while you have some new product that you want to display on website or online selling platform, you must try to find out the professional product photographer. While you chose a photographer you should see him/her previous review and ratings. That will give you a basic idea on his proficiency. Then you can see his previous photoshoot sample. After that, if his price/cost is in your range then you can hire him.

Capture Different Angle Photo of a Single Product

This is very important and valuable point to make your products more popular in the marketplace. Almost 95% people or customers like and love to see different side & angle photos of a single product. They want to see back, front and all other side parts clearly. Because it will make a clear sense on a new product. For this reason, tell your photographer to take at least 4 different styles of a single product. But make sure that all photos have the same color combination with brightness.



Keep Photo Zoom Option

Zoom in option is the most effective to make your customers positive about your product photos. When buyers can see the product photos by zoom then they will be clearer about your product quality. For zoom option, tell your photographer to take some special size photo to use in the zoom section. Make sure to display full product photo in the zoom section. Never take a part from a product. Always use top to bottom full product photo. You should not avoid this feature on your website.

Show All Color Version of a Product

It’s common matter that a uniquely designed product will have more color version. Suppose you are a garments dress seller. Now you have a new dress. We know that a dress has some different color version. It can be red, blue, pink, gold, black or any other color. In order to make your new product more popular in the marketplace, you should display the entire color version. This idea will easily increase the sell of your new product. But how? It’s easy to understand. All the people will never like the same color. One can be like red dress another person can like pink dress. So to be a good product seller makes sure to display all the color version of a single product. In that case, you need to tell your product photographer to capture all the version of a product. Another effective way has for you. You can hire a professional photo editor who is providing color correction service.  Before selecting a method you should consider the budget and select the cheap way. We think the color correction will be the cheap way for you.


Use Professional Photo Background

To make a product photo more attractive, the background plays the vital role. You should not use any product photo with a normal background on the website. Because a product with the beautiful background can be popular and catchy within a very short time. At present pure white background is more professional and common to display a product photo properly. Amazon has the clear requirements to use the pure white background with product photo. No matter in where you have taken your photos. You can take your photos on a table, floor. After that by hiring an expert photo background remover, you can make your photo background stunning. As a photo background remover specialist, we know almost 85% people are using pure white background and 10% sellers are using light grey background. Rest of the seller use original photo background in the marketplace. At present, there is huge amazon photo editor who has clear knowledge on amazon photo requirements. So, all are easy for you to make your photos beautiful and standard.


Make Attractive Shadow of Product Photo

If you want to boost up the sale of your product, add the attractive shadow below your product photos. There are different shadow types those are the natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow. You can use any of these that is suitable for your product photos. An informative survey has given us this result that white background makes a photo 75% fulfill and white background with shadow make a product photo 100% fulfill to attract the customers. We have already edited almost 1.5 million product photos. Among them, 80% photo owners used white background with shadow creation service

Use Proper Photo Size

When you will use the product photos in the e-commerce website or marketplace, make sure that you have proper product photo size. Never use crop size or any part of a product. Otherwise, your result will be zero. Use a standard size with the proper good resolution that represents your photos properly. Such as, Amazon product photo size is 1000x1000px. This is the most common size to represent a product photo.

Finally, if you need professional product photo editing service at the reasonable price you can hire the Clipping Path Service Org without any hesitation. Our all kind of services are managing by an expert team. You can test any kind of service by a free trial. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Stay will us for more blog.

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