Photo Masking Service

Photo masking service is very advance and effective service for difficult photo background remove such as shuffle model with hair or fur. If anybody wants to remove the background from model hair then he must need to apply perfect Photoshop masking techniques. Normal clipping path is not enough for this condition. In order to keep all hair or fur, masking skill must need. There are some different masking types which are Photoshop mask, clipping mask, image mask, alpha mask, channel mask, transparency mask, and layer mask. All these masking are very effective for the different type of images.

Photo Masking Service

The Importance of Photo Masking Service

Nowadays photo masking service is very demandable and valuable service. Suppose you are a model or product photographer or you have such kind of images. If you want to keep all hair of a model or all fuzzy fur area of your product, you should have proper masking skill. Without applying proper techniques, you never get the high-quality result. Normal masking can’t be visual with a white background. But when you use your transparent image in a different color, you will discover the masking quality. Proper skill and practical techniques need for performing the different type of masking on the different type of images. Normal clipping techniques are not enough for very complex part of images as like flying hair, blurred edge, doll fur, animal hairs etc.

Why You Choose Our Image Masking Service

First of all, we don’t want to tell you here in word that we are the best photo masking service provider. Just give us a free trial to test our work quality. Then, you will feel that we are really the best image masking service provider. Bellow, we have written some of our skilled features:

  • ** We have an expert and dedicated Photoshop masking team.
  • ** We have an expert research team to find out the image complexity
  • ** All our designers are well skilled and have at least 3 years practical experience.
  • ** We care every single hair or fur.
  • ** We apply latest and effective techniques.
  • ** We keep perfect and proper image quality.
  • ** We never use the brush to other normal tools instead of proper masking techniques.
  • ** Our designers have no rush attitude, they give proper time for every image.
  • ** Always provide the clean, smooth and sharp edge for the professional result.
  • ** Every photo has the same value to us.
  • ** No hidden issue to us.
  • ** We never allow magic. The manual process is our working system.
  • ** After masking, our quality team will test every single image.
  • ** Our production manager will check finally and delivery according to client instructions.
  • ** Timely delivery at the affordable price.
  • ** We have no record to miss any client for low-quality service.

Overall, we do exactly what we tell to our client. We believe that quality is the key to success of an image processing company.

Image Masking Service

What Types of Masking Service We Provide:

  • ** Alpha Channel Mask
  • ** Photoshop Layer Mask
  • ** Translucent Layer Mask
  • ** Fur or Hair Mask
  • ** Transparency Mask
  • ** Image College Mask

Our Image Masking Service is Best For:

No matter to us how more complex your images are. We are providing all types of image masking service. You can give us any image. We will apply the perfect masking technique on every specific image. Bellow, we are written some common image types that are need masking service:

  • ** Model Image with Flying Hair
  • ** Product or Doll Photos with Fur
  • ** Any kind of pom-pom Image
  • ** Translucent Image such as smoke, glass.
  • ** Natural Images Like as landscape, tree, flower.
  • ** Animal Photo with raising fur such as cat, lion, bear.

Great thanks for reading our special and high-quality photo masking service overview. We are waiting for your positive response. We recommend you to give us one or two images for free trail. Promise, we will give you premium quality service.

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