Terms and Conditions

Clipping Path Service Org has some important terms and conditions for providing nonstop photo editing service without any problem. All our clients and users are must agree with these user-friendly terms and conditions for using or taking our services. We reserve the right to change any terms and conditions any time and can add a new one. So, you should keep update yourself to follow our laws.

CPSOrg is providing all kind of photo editing service. By placing a new or custom order you confirm us that now you are agreeing with our bellow terms and conditions. If you face any problem with our professional services, please let us know via our contact us form now. Just make us clear which part is difficult for you. We will try to our best to resolve your issue.  Before ordering us please carefully read our terms and conditions.


The Buyer/Client/You: The individual buyer, company or any other organization.

Seller/ CPSOrg/Us: Clipping Path Service Org

The Following Terms and Conditions for Using Our Service:

  • ** You need to accept our price quote or budget that we will be fixed by discussing. If you order us then you will be responsible for pay our bill.
  • ** You can’t give us any mental pressure or hurry to finish your project within our turnaround time period. In case of any emergency issue we will review this point by taking some extra charge.
  • ** We never accept any copyright issue of your photos or images. You must need to have all the responsibilities of your photos.
  • ** We never use any of our client’s photos for the promotional place without their permission.
  • ** We never accept any violence or terrorist photos to process.
  • ** We never accept any sexual or nude photos to process.
  • ** If we need any information about your company regarding your image then you will need to give us due to service issue.
  • ** If we think the agreement is the best and perfect for your projects then we will make an agreement.
  • ** You have no right to cancel the order at the middle stage. Suppose you have ordered us a new project then we have already done 30% or 40% of your project. At this stage, you cannot cancel the order. In any serious case you can cancel but you must need to pay us for done part.
  • ** We will do your project according to your instructions. So, you should tell us your full instructions at the initial stage to start you project.
  • ** If you want to get monthly payment offer then you will pay us minimum 30% of our price before starting your project.
  • ** We never accept any file which will be used for any kind of illegal purpose.
  • ** If we face any technical problem to get the payment then you must need to give us proper time to solve the issue.
  • ** No new issue will be accepted by us after 10 days of completing the project.
  • ** You should be patience if we face any technical or electrical problem.

Finally, those are not fixed for all time. We will review it to solve your any complain or request. So, we wanna build up a great service relationship with our valuable clients.

Website Protection/Copyright Info:

Clippingpathservice.org reserved all rights of this website content and materials. You have no right to copy or use any of these contents or images to other website or place. You can also read it and take an idea from this website. We never allow:

  • Copy our website content.
  • Don’t use any of this website info to other places
  • Never try to duplicate any idea or photo
  • Our Website design is fully handmade. So, don’t copy it

If we notice any duplicate issue in other places, we will take action for it.

Website Security:

We have some expert eyes to follow you. So, don’t try to clone or hake this website. If you try to do such bad things then we will easily find out you by tracking your IP and other info. Our admin has all right to control the website security. Never try to make spam. We are monitoring it every time by some high-quality security software. So, carefully use this website.

Client Account & Password:

We only allow our honorable client’s FTP account for easily file transferring. Our technical team are responsible to keep secure each client ftp account. If client face any login problem then our technical team will be responsible for solving the problem.

Keep Client Info:

We want to inform you that as a client or buyer of us we will keep record all your contact info for any emergency case or sending payment invoice. Sometimes we will send you some of our special offer that will be helpful for you. We will contact with you via your info anytime if we need.

Payment Policy:

We are accepting all kind of payment gateway. If you order to us then you will be the responsible person to pay our bill. We have monthly payment system only for that client who will give us more than 500$ work per month. For the others, after finishing your project you must pay our bill.

Refund / Money Back System:

We are providing premium quality service at fair price. If you face any quality problem then inform us. Our team will make a revision until your satisfaction. After all if you don’t satisfy, then we will refund your full payment within 45 days.

Terms and conditions are only for providing non-stop premium quality service. You can inform us about your problem anytime. We are ready to assist you

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