How to Get More Orders From a New Online Ecommerce Business Website

Have you started or launched your brand new e-commerce business with a great website? Now you are getting few sales. That’s good. We know you are trying to increase your sales. Right? In 2018, e-commerce business is getting more complex and increasing huge competitor. Without having right and effective strategy none can increase the product sales. Here I have noted some effective idea and strategy on how to get more orders from a new online ecommerce business website. Hope this tips will give you super outcome in 2018 and future.

How to Get More Orders

1. Make User-Friendly Ecommerce Website:

This is the first step to be a successful eCommerce businessman or ecommerce product seller. A website is the main door to enter in your business world. If your door is not user-friendly, customers will not easily navigate your business site and product collection. As an online seller, you should give high priority on this point. By our practical experience, we can tell you that if your site is easy to navigate then almost 90% new visitors will like your website and 50% buy your product. Among them, 95% will return to your website later to buy a new product for the second time. Believe it or not. It’s true. Make sure that your business website is mobile friendly. Because most of the time customers will visit in your website by using mobile when they stay outside of the home. This is the first step to catch the new visitor and transfer them to a new buyer. Let’s see more points on how to get more orders.

2. Use Attractive Product Photos:

Customers can easily keep in mind what they have seen. But most of them can’t remember what they have seen. So, as a new online product seller, you need to have and display attractive product photos with the catchy mode. Attractive photos will increase the visitor to your website and make them as a real buyer. But it’s a big question how you will get the attractive and good-looking product photos? For this, you should hire a professional photographer to take your product photos. A professional photographer knows how to capture a product photo perfectly.  It’s not enough to get a catchy product photo. After taking your product photos you need to edit them in Photoshop.

If you don’t have knowledge on how to edit a photo on Photoshop, you should hire an expert product photo editing service provider. Here we can ensure you that clippingpathservice.org is one of the best and award-winning photo editing company who are providing clipping path service, background removal service, color correction, e-commerce product photo retouch and all other edits for getting catchy product photos. The final speech in this section is that you should display best attractive photos on your website.

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3. Write Unique Description Of Every Product:

Always try to be unique. Uniqueness is very important for e-commerce sector. Nowadays, most of the e-commerce site managers use the product description by coping from another place. But it’s not effective. You can save your time by this process but you can’t increase the sales. Because customers are like to see catchy product image with beneficial unique description. Never copy the description from any other website. Try to be different from others. This will help you to make a strong brand reputation for your business.

4. Increase Social Media Engagement and Activities:

Nowadays, you can’t imagine a great and successful e-commerce business without social media. Social media is a powerful platform to make a strong brand reputation that will provide you unlimited relevant visitors to your business website. You should increase the activity and engagement on the social media platform. But for that, you should have a highly responsible person or social media manager who will give every question’s answer. When a visitor asks something about your product, then you should reply with informative text. That will make a good and positive thinking on your brand. Never avoid any single question from the visitor or customers. Give high priority to every query. Because the world is now very challenging. If you avoid any person then maybe you will lose that person. If you can manage this point perfectly then hopefully you will get the superb result within a very short time.

5. Response to Every Query about Your Product:

Customers always like to see the fast response with the informative suggestion. Customers can ask or knock you via your webmail, contact number or directly in your store. You should try to give a fast response with relevant information. Never make them the puzzle. They can be asked you about price; color, size, and availability.  Always give correct info. Suppose a customer has asked to you about specific dress product availability. But that product is not available now. Then you have told him to come to your store after 1 day. The buyer will come after 1 day and want to get that product. But you can’t give him that product. How strange!!! This will be very harmful to a new eCommerce business or brand. Try to be fresh from your side.

6. Publish Customers Positive Review or Experience:

As a brand new e-commerce business, publish your customers positive review on your website is one of the very effective steps to catch more new customers.  While customers see the previous customer’s video review on your website or social channel then they will eager to try your product. Though for the first video review, some people will not believe the feedback. But keep continuing posting and publishing every video review on your social channel. Also, keep updated and give all type of query answer. Day by day your community will grow with a strong brand reputation. Share all type of positive feedback on your social channel. Personally, we have applied this way. Now we are getting positive outcome than before.


7. Build Customer Trust:

Building customers trust is one of the challenging parts of a start-up business. But if you can build every customer trust positively on your product then this will help you to get more sales. Never break any customer trust. Always try to sale the original and best quality product at the fair price. You can compare your competitor price range. Try to sell at less price than your competitor. Maintain the delivery time, product quality and warranty issue. As an online product seller, you should have the ability to understand the customers demand and need. Every trusted customer will be your advertiser among their relatives. This will help you to get more order from a new online eCommerce business website.

8. Give Special Offer On Various Occasions:

As a new eCommerce businessman, it will be tough for you to give the discount or special offer on various occasions. But if you can give then this will help to get more new customers and orders. You can target some special customers for specific products on various occasions. But be careful about the product quality. Never give an offer on low-quality products. Nowadays most of the online sellers are giving an offer on low-quality products. After buying that low-quality product, buyers get disappointed. This will make a negative reputation for your brand. Apply this method if you have the ability to give the discount. Otherwise, avoid this step.


9. Invest In SEO – (Search Engine Optimization):

Hope as an online product seller you are popular with the term of “SEO”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Let me clear this point. Okay. While a customer or buyer search on Google with a keyword then Google suggest or show some result with position/rank. Maximum customers will visit the top positioned ecommerce website. But how you will get the top position? Google has some protocol or algorithm to rank a keyword for a website. If you follow their algorithm and do some specific task then day by day you will get the higher rank. If you don’t have enough knowledge on SEO or how to rank a keyword, then you can hire a Google SEO expert.  For the initial stage, you will get the low return. But it’s 100% sure that you will get huge return after you have achieved top rank. It will also assist you to make your brand reputation high. So, you can invest some amount in this sector.

10. Offer Affiliate Program:

Affiliate is one of the proved methods to get more order from a new online e-commerce business website. If you offer affiliate program then you will get huge 3rd party product seller who will assist you to get huge order from your website. For that you will give some commission to the affiliate members. At the initial stage of your business, you can apply this method. This will give you enough return from all over the world. That is the ending point on how to get more orders.

Finally, I want to tell you that if you have the creative mind in the digital marketing sector, you will be succeeding in the business sector. At present time as an online seller, you must have the creative mind.  One of the best-hidden points is that if you can do your responsibility with patience and creatively, you will be the success. Wish as a new e-commerce product seller you will get more order from your new business website by applying these methods.

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